TKS: Showcase Recap

Watch the 4min recap video from the 2017 TKS Showcase!

Sunrose Billing & Ben Nashman:
Innovating medical imaging and MRI

Ben and Sunrose are using multi-nuclear magnetic resonance for cell differentiation to “make medical imaging better”. They have made quite a bit of progress and have received over $300,000 in free software to simulate their findings.

Jay Parthasarthy:
The future of Solar energy and current opportunities

Jay is a young Solar energy expert and wants to share how in the next few years it will make a lot of financial sense for Canada to adopt Solar on a mass scale. He can help you save money by installing solar in your home, reach out!

Natalie Duarte:
Aging - Relationship between free radicals and DNA damage

13 year old Natalie was looking into anti-aging on a genetic level. She believes that we may be able to slow aging by combining telomere and free radical theories.

Sabarish Gnanamoorthy:
Augmented Reality and real world applications

Sabarish breaks down the Microsoft Hololens into its software and hardware components and explains why this will be game changing. He also talks about real world applications and the future of A/R.

Erica Wang:

Erica uses cryptocurrency to explain how transactions are kept safe and secure using fundamental encryption principles. She then theorizes how we can use similar a-symmetric keys to protect identities.

Gene He: Implementing AR into drone piloting software to make flying easier

As a self-taught drone pilot, Gene identified a way to use existing AR technology to significantly improve the performance and safety of drones. He’s currently using and SDK to make this happen.

Ben Jones:
Leveraging radio frequencies for wireless energy

Ben is confident that wireless energy transfer will change how we live in as fast as 5 years. Using radio frequencies, we will now be able to power medical devices, collect new data to disrupt industries, and provide a more convenient way to stay connected.

Ananya Chadha:
Curing disease using genetic engineering CRISPR-cas9

After explaining how a revolutionary gene editing technique called CRISPR-cas9 works, Ananya describes how with CRIPSR it may be possible to remove the gene that may lead to Alzheimer's.

Madhu Manivannan:
Securing household Internet of Things (IoT) devices

During TKS last year there was a massive DDOS attack that caused security vulnerabilities through IoT devices. Madhu took it upon herself to create software that will detect security vulnerabilities in IoT devices and provide remedy recommendations so we will never have to face a threat like that again.

Joshua Han:
The future of Quantum Computing

Josh walks through one of the most difficult topics in the world to understand - Quantum Computing. He also discusses Quantum Error Correction Codes in detail and what that will mean for the future of this new industry.

Sarvesh Sivakumar:
In depth into Machine Learning Algorithms

Sarvesh explains Neural Networks as a branch of machine learning and talks about some interesting applications using this method.

Alex Wu:
Using gene therapy to treat age-related hearing loss

There are many different hypotheses to address genetics conditions like age-related hearing loss. Alex is exploring using viral vectors to suppress or activate genes that can contribute to this condition.

Ben Creasey:
A deeper look into Quantum Biology

Ben breaks down the budding field of Quantum Biology, which uses sub-atomic particles in effort to explain creation, photosynthesis, consciousness, instinct and more.

Denesh Kumar:
Liquid biopsy improvement for early cancer detection

Denesh discovered that liquid biopsies are a great tool for detecting cancer, albeit not at its early stages. He’s hypothesized a way to prevent macrophages from consuming floating cancers cells and leave them in the blood stream for early detection.

Kevin Shen:
Genomics companies from an investor's perspective

After the discovery of CRISPR-cas9 there has been a proliferation of genomic startups and large companies experiencing rampant growth. Kevin walks you through how to potentially capitalize on these opportunities from an investor standpoint.

Gaurav Dogra:
Building an online ecommerce store on Shopify

Gaurav designed and built an online ecommerce store called "abocado" using shopify. During this side-project, he learned how to validate the market and use different forms of ads like Facebook and Google to promote his product and generate revenue.

Charlie Frise:
Bennyboard - A new method for easy transportation

As a side project, Charlie designed and built a new form of convenient personal transportation to save him time everyday.

Rishi Bhuwan & Ezra Kirsh:
Flamingo: A Mobile app for networking at events

Rishi and Ezra realized there was a better way to identify like-minded people and exchange contact information at networking events. So they solved their own problem and built Flamingo.

Simon Guo:
Brain ECGs and Drone technology

Simon walks through his hackathon experience building some really cool projects. His most recent experiences involve using Brain ECG IoT to make better decisions in the workplace as well as drone management software.

Ben Nashman & Sunrose Billing:
Fireside chat with Synex Medical

A deeper look into what it's like building a medical imaging company from the perspective of two 16 year olds. They talk about their journey and struggles while disrupting the mri industry.

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